Chocolate Sweet Potato Chia Seed Pudding and a Giveaway!

by Heidi @ Food Doodles on May 25, 2011

The giveaway is now over.  Thanks to everyone for entering!!  Find the winner here.

Chocolate Sweet Potato Chia Seed Pudding and a Giveaway!I’ve confessed my love of chia seeds before.  They are amazing nutritionally and have so many health benefits, but I personally notice a few things when I eat chia seeds.  First, I stay better hydrated.  Chia seeds absorb over 10 times their weight in liquid and I find this helps considerably with how hydrated I am after I’ve eaten them.  I also notice much stabler blood sugars which promotes a better mood through the entire day(I especially notice this in the kids) and less snacking during the day which is due to the effect they have on blood sugar.  These are both reasons why it’s often recommended for weight loss and I can honestly say I notice a difference between days I do eat chia seeds and days I don’t. (Here is an interesting 9 minute video explaining why chia (Mila) is so good for weight loss, if you’re interested).

Chocolate Sweet Potato Chia Seed Pudding and a Giveaway!

Chia seeds are also high in calcium which is something always on my mind with little ones, since we don’t drink much milk.  It’s also the highest natural source of omega-3 fatty acids(8x more than salmon!) that has none of the dangers associated with taking fish oil or flaxseed (you have to eat 9 fish oil pills – which hold dangers such as mercury and other contamination – to get the omega 3’s you get in 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, or 1 scoop of Mila which I’ll talk about later).  Omega-3’s are amazing for everyone, but especially young children and expecting mothers. And there are no restrictions on eating Mila or chia, unlike flax where there are warnings against nursing or pregnant mothers using flax seed).   Chia is also high in fiber and protein, not to mention, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium and phosphorus.  It is an amazing addition to anyone’s diet.  You can add them to smoothies or sprinkle them over any meal.  We especially like them sprinkled over oatmeal, mixed in with muesli and in chocolate chia seed pudding.  Although we do find it hard to get enough chia seeds in with our meals and snacks so just mixing and drinking with juice is a great idea as well.

Chocolate Sweet Potato Chia Seed Pudding and a Giveaway!



Chocolate Sweet Potato Chia Seed Pudding and a Giveaway!

Have you heard of Mila?  I hadn’t heard of it until Eleanor contacted me to let me know of the benefits of this brand of chia seeds.  What sets them apart is the care that is taken to ensure that each batch is up to the highest standards nutritionally and in cleanliness.  Also, Mila is the only brand of chia seeds that is micro-sliced and not heated, instead of ground, protecting all the oil.  They even have the product tested in independent laboratories to ensure that the nutrition is the best it can be.  Mila truly is the gold standard when it comes to chia.  Eleanor sent me a free sample to try and post about if I enjoyed the product and now I want to pass the opportunity to try some on to you!

Chocolate Sweet Potato Chia Seed Pudding and a Giveaway!

To enter to win a 16 oz bag of Mila that retails for $55 leave a comment here telling me if you’ve ever tried chia seeds, and what your favorite way to use them is.  Posting or linking to a recipe in your comment would be great Chocolate Sweet Potato Chia Seed Pudding and a Giveaway!

For additional entries(one extra entry per option and leave separate comments for each option that you do in the comments so I can count each one):

    • Go to the Eleanor’s Mila website and tell me one thing you’ve learned about Mila and chia seeds.  There is a lot of good information under the products tab, under Mila.
  • Use your favorite networking tool(Facebook, twitter, your own blog) to promote this giveaway using this link and a short sentence to explain, for example “Check out this chia seed giveaway at Food Doodles“(you’ll have to be able to show me where you did this if you win).

This giveaway is only open to those with a North American shipping address(sorry to my readers from outside of North America!) and will end on Sunday May 29th at noon MST when I’ll randomly select a winner.  Make sure you leave a message that includes some way to contact you, either an email in the email address section of your comment or even a link to your blog so I can find you Chocolate Sweet Potato Chia Seed Pudding and a Giveaway!

There are also great opportunities to start your own Mila business and become an independent distributor like Eleanor did.    If you love Mila and want to tell your friends and family about it, you can earn an income.  Mila (Lifemax) is the only whole raw food company that offers this so be sure to contact Eleanor if you’re interested.

*** Giveaway is now over!

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