Peanut Butter Granola Bars

by Heidi @ Food Doodles on


I have to be honest… I already feel like I’m falling into a rut of posting a lot of recipes that everyone already has one of.  But how can I not?  I’ll admit, I am a granola fanatic.  I have probably hundreds of granola and granola bar recipes saved.  And when I make them, they’re usually gone within the day.  I really just can’t help myself around them.  So when I find a really yummy recipe, how can I help myself?  I have to share it!  Even though I’m sure pretty much everyone already has a recipe for granola bars somewhere, I’m still posting this one.  It’s really yummy.  They freeze well, taste good even straight from the freezer, aren’t that bad for you in the grand scheme of granola bars and they’re super simple.  Perfect, right?

For some of the fruit I used some plums that I dried last summer from the fruit trees in our yard.  I have a bad habit of over drying my fruit, so if your fruit is really firm and in large pieces make sure you chop it up into pieces about the size of a dried cranberry otherwise when you slice your bars it will crumble a little.  You can also reduce the brown sugar and use 2 tablespoons if you want as they’re fairly sweet, but I’d just leave them as is 😉



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1 Lori @ Girl Meets Oven March 12, 2011 at

I love homemade granola. This recipe looks great – especially with the coconut and peanut butter! Since I have both in my cupboard right now, I may need to make these tomorrow. :)… Thanks for sharing!


2 Jess@HealthyExposures March 13, 2011 at

Even if there are plenty of granola bar recipes out there already – I tend to have the belief that granola and granola bar recipes are one of those things that just never gets old 😉 There’s so many different things you can do with them! These look wonderful 😉


3 Heidi @ Food Doodles March 13, 2011 at

How true! That’s why I love granola bars. You can change everything and somehow they always still taste good.


4 Zoraida March 14, 2011 at

Thanks for sharing, these look so nice, I wonder if the butter can be replaced with sunflower oil or coconut oil somehow?


5 Heidi @ Food Doodles March 14, 2011 at

Yes, I’m sure you could replace the butter. In fact I would guess coconut oil would add some more coconut flavor to the bars. Yummy 🙂


6 Lisa Canonica October 9, 2012 at

Thanks for sharing!
I loved these granola bars!!!
I’ll be making these once a week.
I added a bunch more things to it:
Ghiradelli chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, cranberries and walnuts.


7 Gabrielle November 21, 2013 at

These are really good thank-you! I decided to put one cup of dried cranberries and half a cup of dark chocolate chips. As I stirred them in the rest of the mixture, they started melting and gave my granola bars a uniform and subtle chocolaty taste! I’ll definitely be doing these again! Thanks again 🙂


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