Blueberry Milkshake

by Heidi @ Food Doodles on

When I was younger and we lived in a different area we lived close enough to huge blueberry farms and my mother and I would go with my grandmother and pick buckets full of fresh blueberries to eat and freeze for later in the year.  I seem to remember disliking the amount of time we had to spend there(although, I think I ate most of what I picked) even though the end result was blueberry pancakes, muffins and my moms awesome blueberry sauce.  Even though blueberries are grown in town at a smaller farm and we can go pick some in the summer, we’re fortunate enough that my husbands grandmother brings blueberries to the family each year to put in the freezer.

So here is another yummy smoothie recipe.  The kids especially love this one, but it’s not one we have all the time.  Maybe I’m a blueberry hoarder, but I feel bad using them frequently even though we still have some left in the freezer.  Anyways, this is so good that I put it in the desserts category as well as the breakfast one 😀  You’d never guess that it’s so good for you.  For those of you who usually like things a little sweeter you can always add some sugar(or something like stevia, if you like) but give it a try first, I think you’ll be surprised at how sweet it is.


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1 Lauren at Keep It Sweet June 15, 2011 at

Love this as a breakfast, snack or dessert!


2 Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} June 15, 2011 at

Meghan looooves blueberry smoothies. You’re so lucky to have such a great supply of fresh berries to freeze!


3 Just Audrey June 15, 2011 at

I love the vibrant purple color of the smoothie–so pretty. I will definitely be adding this recipe to my list to try. 🙂


4 Bonny June 15, 2011 at

Hey Heidi, do you need more blueberries? We still have a ton in our freezer from last time G-V was down… And we still have raspberries too if you need them. Let me know and I can bring some to you…

I’m not usually a fan of blueberries, but this recipe is a great way to use them up, and it is so healthy too!


5 Heidi @ Food Doodles June 15, 2011 at

I’ll have to get back to ya, unless you’re still trying to clean out the freezer then we’ll take some. If we wanted to we could go through a ton 😀 I’ll take some raspberries if no one else wants them though.


6 kristy June 16, 2011 at

The colour is absolutely stunning! I need a sip….please. Yumm….yumm….yummm….
Have a lovely day.


7 kate June 16, 2011 at

Yum I love anything blueberry and the rich deep purple color is intoxicating!


8 torviewtoronto June 16, 2011 at

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9 Anny June 17, 2011 at

Heidi: On foodgawker, your submission said that this shake “has no fat.” That isn’t true; almonds, which are the main non-water ingredient in almond milk, have a considerable amount of fat. As a result, almond milk has fat in it. The shake looks delicious, but be sure to be careful with your nutrition claims.


10 Heidi @ Food Doodles June 17, 2011 at

I’m very sorry. The amount of characters was too short for me to say “no added fat” instead of just fat although I should have changed the order of my wording to say “no added fat or sugar”. As everyone needs fat in their diet and getting it from natural sources isn’t usually considered as “bad” I thought this would be an acceptable substitute in wording. I did however mention that you can use your favorite kind of milk, so for a no fat version go ahead and use non fat dairy or even water as the banana is what makes it creamy.


11 Joanna in the kitchen June 17, 2011 at

I love this smoothie. It would be perfect and healthy breakfast. Yum, yum.


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