Chocolate Sweet Potato Chia Seed Pudding and a Giveaway!

by Heidi @ Food Doodles on

The giveaway is now over.  Thanks to everyone for entering!!  Find the winner here.

I’ve confessed my love of chia seeds before.  They are amazing nutritionally and have so many health benefits, but I personally notice a few things when I eat chia seeds.  First, I stay better hydrated.  Chia seeds absorb over 10 times their weight in liquid and I find this helps considerably with how hydrated I am after I’ve eaten them.  I also notice much stabler blood sugars which promotes a better mood through the entire day(I especially notice this in the kids) and less snacking during the day which is due to the effect they have on blood sugar.  These are both reasons why it’s often recommended for weight loss and I can honestly say I notice a difference between days I do eat chia seeds and days I don’t. (Here is an interesting 9 minute video explaining why chia (Mila) is so good for weight loss, if you’re interested).

Chia seeds are also high in calcium which is something always on my mind with little ones, since we don’t drink much milk.  It’s also the highest natural source of omega-3 fatty acids(8x more than salmon!) that has none of the dangers associated with taking fish oil or flaxseed (you have to eat 9 fish oil pills – which hold dangers such as mercury and other contamination – to get the omega 3’s you get in 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, or 1 scoop of Mila which I’ll talk about later).  Omega-3’s are amazing for everyone, but especially young children and expecting mothers. And there are no restrictions on eating Mila or chia, unlike flax where there are warnings against nursing or pregnant mothers using flax seed).   Chia is also high in fiber and protein, not to mention, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium and phosphorus.  It is an amazing addition to anyone’s diet.  You can add them to smoothies or sprinkle them over any meal.  We especially like them sprinkled over oatmeal, mixed in with muesli and in chocolate chia seed pudding.  Although we do find it hard to get enough chia seeds in with our meals and snacks so just mixing and drinking with juice is a great idea as well.



Have you heard of Mila?  I hadn’t heard of it until Eleanor contacted me to let me know of the benefits of this brand of chia seeds.  What sets them apart is the care that is taken to ensure that each batch is up to the highest standards nutritionally and in cleanliness.  Also, Mila is the only brand of chia seeds that is micro-sliced and not heated, instead of ground, protecting all the oil.  They even have the product tested in independent laboratories to ensure that the nutrition is the best it can be.  Mila truly is the gold standard when it comes to chia.  Eleanor sent me a free sample to try and post about if I enjoyed the product and now I want to pass the opportunity to try some on to you!

To enter to win a 16 oz bag of Mila that retails for $55 leave a comment here telling me if you’ve ever tried chia seeds, and what your favorite way to use them is.  Posting or linking to a recipe in your comment would be great 😀

For additional entries(one extra entry per option and leave separate comments for each option that you do in the comments so I can count each one):

    • Go to the Eleanor’s Mila website and tell me one thing you’ve learned about Mila and chia seeds.  There is a lot of good information under the products tab, under Mila.
  • Use your favorite networking tool(Facebook, twitter, your own blog) to promote this giveaway using this link and a short sentence to explain, for example “Check out this chia seed giveaway at Food Doodles“(you’ll have to be able to show me where you did this if you win).

This giveaway is only open to those with a North American shipping address(sorry to my readers from outside of North America!) and will end on Sunday May 29th at noon MST when I’ll randomly select a winner.  Make sure you leave a message that includes some way to contact you, either an email in the email address section of your comment or even a link to your blog so I can find you 🙂

There are also great opportunities to start your own Mila business and become an independent distributor like Eleanor did.    If you love Mila and want to tell your friends and family about it, you can earn an income.  Mila (Lifemax) is the only whole raw food company that offers this so be sure to contact Eleanor if you’re interested.

*** Giveaway is now over!

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1 Anna May 25, 2011 at

“like” your new page on facebook


2 Anna May 25, 2011 at

My favorite way to use Chia seeds on a daily basis is in my overnight oats. I have experimented with using them in my baking and cooking. I really enjoyed adding them to my family’s pizza recipe. (


3 Anna May 25, 2011 at

Posted the link on facebook 🙂 I have spread the chia seed love with several of my friends!


4 Katherine May 25, 2011 at

I just started using Chia seeds. I am a graduate student, and my mornings are often extremely rushed. I used to have a hard time getting in a good breakfast. I would be tired and hungry all throughout the day and definitely not in a prime state to learn, teach, or push myself to get everything out of my master’s degree.

I found a recipe for a breakfast shake including Chia seeds, and it makes a huge difference. I seriously look forward to waking up and having this shake, because it just makes me feel so GOOD 🙂 It’s also easy to clean up, because after I make my shake, I rinse out the blender, squirt in some dish soap, add hot water, and blend up the soapy mixture, and voila! No crusty blender awaiting me after a long day, and I’m ready to go in the morning!

Here is the recipe I use:


5 Katherine May 25, 2011 at

I used twitter to promote your site and chia seeds! 🙂


6 Lauren at Keep It Sweet May 25, 2011 at

I love putting chia seeds in my oat bran or overnight oats! I also used them in peanut butter


7 Lauren at Keep It Sweet May 25, 2011 at

I like Food Doodles on Facebook


8 Jess@Healthy Exposures May 25, 2011 at

I have never heard of Mila – but they sound really interesting! I love chia seeds on top of yogurt or made into a pudding – much like the fabulous one you have here.
Jess@Healthy Exposures recently posted..Sesame Almonds &amp Butter


9 Jess@Healthy Exposures May 25, 2011 at

Love the about page on the site – 6x more protein than kidney beans?! crazy!
Jess@Healthy Exposures recently posted..Sesame Almonds &amp Butter


10 Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie) May 25, 2011 at

I learned that Mila is a mixture of Salvia hispanica L. seed which has been carefully selected to maximize its nutritional value 🙂
Great giveaway btw 😀


11 Ashley @ The Drunk Squash May 25, 2011 at

Okay I’m sold, chia seeds sound amazing! I’ve never had them before but my mom uses them in fitness shakes and I’ve been curious… well anyways, now’s the time for me to check them out, you’ve convinced me!
Ashley @ The Drunk Squash recently posted..Fitness Story and Sweet Preserves


12 Kat @ Cupcake Kat May 25, 2011 at

I learned that mila has 15 times more magnesium than broccoli!
Kat @ Cupcake Kat recently posted..Vanilla Cashew Oat Milk Snickerdoodle Milk


13 Kat @ Cupcake Kat May 25, 2011 at

tweeted @Cupcakekaat. I have to say that I love this recipe. Sweet potato and chocolate! It looks so creamy
Kat @ Cupcake Kat recently posted..Vanilla Cashew Oat Milk Snickerdoodle Milk


14 Sara May 25, 2011 at

I’ve never tried chia seeds but I’ve been hearing so many good things about them and would really like to! I’ve heard eating them for breakfast is quite delicious and I’d love to try this pudding recipe
Sara recently posted..Free Masons and Elephant Ears


15 Catharine May 25, 2011 at

I have never used Chia seeds and am very intrigued! I would most likely use it in my baking!


16 Alexa May 25, 2011 at

I recently started eating chai seeds and I love them! They are great in energy balls and smoothies. This is my favorite recipe for chai seeds in smoothies.


17 Ari@ThE DiVa DiSh May 25, 2011 at

Can I just say I love your blog! You have the greatest recipes, and I am so excited to try this! And I was wondering about giving chia seeds to my daughter, but I am so happy you said all of their benefits! thank you SO much for sharing!
Ari@ThE DiVa DiSh recently posted..Butternut Squash Pizza Crust-Healthy AND Gluten Free! –


18 branny May 26, 2011 at

I like to put them in smoothies (

BTW, thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you make and enjoy the plantain chips.


19 Maggie May 26, 2011 at

Great post and thanks for the giveaway. I love adding chia seeds to just about anything, especially oatmeal and smoothies.


20 Sarah May 26, 2011 at

I love you blog and your new facecbook page. I love using chia seeds in everything from oatmeal. cookies. to vegan pesto. I try to use chia seeds in everything!


21 Melissa May 26, 2011 at

I’ve never tried Chia Seeds but I’ve been dying to, since I’ve seen them all over the blogosphere for the past few months! I’d probably use them in oatmeal first!


22 Melissa May 26, 2011 at

I went to Mila’s website and learned quite a bit- namely, that chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse: 6 x more calcium than milk, 6 x more protein than beans, 3 x more iron than spinach, and much more!


23 Stacey May 26, 2011 at

I actually found you site by clicking on a picture that was posted on From there, I scrolled through all your recipes and actually added you to my “favourites” because of the couple of recipes you had with chia seeds in them! So, it seems fitting that I leave a comment about these seeds.

I make overnight oat parfaits each morning and have a good 2 tablespoons of chia seeds in my oats. I layer the oat mixture with banana or strawberry soft serve and it makes for a wonderful and filling breakfast.

I’m such a huge fan, that I add chia seeds to anything and everything. Salads, cereal, smoothies, chicken, salmon, dips and spreads. I love the fact that they are tasteless, so anything that has a sauce, topping or crust or is made in a blender or mix master – a handful of seeds always gets added.

So easy!!!


24 Felicia (Natural+Balanced) May 26, 2011 at

my favorite is adding chia seeds to oatmeal, and making chia pudding of course! i love your recipe above and i’m definitely bookmarking it! never made it with sweet potato, very creative 🙂
Felicia (Natural+Balanced) recently posted..Today’s Circuits Workout


25 Felicia (Natural+Balanced) May 26, 2011 at

also, just liked your FB page 🙂
Felicia (Natural+Balanced) recently posted..Today’s Circuits Workout


26 Felicia (Natural+Balanced) May 26, 2011 at

Great info on the site! Seeing it comparison to other food is amazing. More antioxidants than blueberries?! Awesome. Its amazing how powerful little seeds can be!
Felicia (Natural+Balanced) recently posted..Today’s Circuits Workout


27 Frannie May 26, 2011 at

Great post! The video is wonderful. I am going to watch it again and make a list of low glucose foods for reference. Thank you for sharing that.

My favorite way to eat Chia is in a pudding. I make a tropical pudding.
2 oranges (juiced and pulp)
1 banana
2-3 slices of pineapple
1/2 cup hemp or almond milk (I make my own)
1 Tablespoon coconut
2 Tablespoon of chia seeds
Blend together well ( I use a blender). Be sure to break up the clumps of chia.
Put in fridge for several hours.
Have a wonderful day.


28 Christine May 26, 2011 at

No, I’ve never had chia seeds, but I’m reading about them all over the place.
Also, this post here was very informative about the benefits of the chia seeds. Thanks for that!


29 alex May 26, 2011 at

in overnight oats!


30 alex May 26, 2011 at

liked your facebook


31 alex May 26, 2011 at

i learned these have more protein than beans!


32 Meghan May 26, 2011 at

I like using them in smoothies and shakes to thicken them if wish. I made vegan raw cheese sauce with them to lower nuts being used or as a egg replacer in baked goods and the list goes on and on for how I use them.


33 Meghan May 26, 2011 at

I learned that Mila carefully select the seeds for the best quality. Including not only the region, climate, soil and time of harvest but the maturity of the seeds being used.


34 Andrea May 26, 2011 at

I have tried Chia seeds and love them! Like others have said, they make me feel so good! I love mixing them in with my oatmeal or fruit smoothies (current fav. is frozen banana, 1 apple, a splash of milk, scoop of yogurt, chia seeds, nutmeg, & cinnamon.. try it!!) I actually also just made your recipe for choc. chia seed pudding the other day and it was SO good! I loved it mixed in with my oatmeal! 🙂


35 Lauren (PB&G) May 26, 2011 at

So cool! The pudding looks great! I’ve never tried chia seeds before but I’m in love with flax seed so I don’t see why I wouldn’t love chias! I’d probably toss them into my oatmeal for the first go around!


36 Andrea May 26, 2011 at

Just checked out the website and learned that omega-3’s help control and balance your mood… apparently they keep the brain’s pattern of thoughts, reactions, and reflexes running efficiently… didn’t know that 🙂


37 George A. May 26, 2011 at

I have never heard of or tried chia seeds. They sound terrific if they keep you hydrated better especially when working out to lose weight. I ended up in hospital once because of dehydration and let me tell you its not fun.


38 Ashley May 26, 2011 at

I like you on FB!!


39 Ashley May 26, 2011 at

I love how many nutrients are in the chia seeds!!


40 Kim May 26, 2011 at

I’ve never actually used chia seeds, but I’ve heard so many people talking about them lately that I would sort of like to see what’s up with the bandwagon. And because I’m also vegan now, I like finding ways to… “beef up” my food.


41 Julia May 26, 2011 at

Yes!! I love chia seeds, they are truly amazing. I put them in oatmeal (overnight), that seems to be a favorite. I’ve put them in smoothies to thicken them (first mixed with water). I am looking for more ways to use them, I will defineately try this recipe! I notice when I work-out after having some in the morning (even if it’s later in the day) I have so much energy, I can just keep going and going 🙂

Also, Mila sounds so cool!


42 Krista May 26, 2011 at

I use them in smoothies. I like how they thicken it up and I know they are good for me.


43 jamie hayworth-chin @ May 26, 2011 at

My favorite way to eat Chia is in an almost-gone jar of almond butter!!! Here’s the recipe from my blog…


44 rosalind May 26, 2011 at

I’ve never tried chia seeds but I’m dying to! All the puddings and parfaits I’ve seen on the web that use them look so refreshing and creamy!


45 Kim May 26, 2011 at

Liked your facebook page. I love it when I can see new recipes in my feed!
I found a recipe where I can use chia seeds in making strawberry jam – I absolutely love it, as it thickens the strawberries nicely. But I always use chia seeds in my morning smoothie – it’s a good source of health in the morning.


46 Leah May 26, 2011 at

I love to mix chia seeds in with my yogurt before bed and then eat them in the morning at lunch once it’s all thickened up to become more like pudding – doesn’t sound so exciting, but the change in texture really brings something different to plain old yogurt! I also use a great recipe for chia banana muffins


47 Claire May 26, 2011 at

I haven’t used chia seeds before, but have been reading all about the benefits and wanting to give them a try, so I would be so excited to win this giveaway!


48 Claire May 26, 2011 at

I learned from the website that the Mila proprietary method used to grind the seed increases its bioavailability, thereby increasing the nutrional benefit of eating this form of chia seed!


49 gillian May 26, 2011 at

I put them on everything, I love that they’re so packed with nutrients 🙂
Love eating them in my cereal or with fruit and yogurt.
And chia frescas! (juice mixed with the whole seeds until they absorb the liquid)


50 gillian May 26, 2011 at

liked your new page on facebook!
gillian recently posted..Mayan Harvest Bowl


51 amanda May 26, 2011 at

Never had chia seeds before, but I love trying new healthy foods. I’m very vegadventurous.


52 Kathleen May 26, 2011 at

I have chia seeds every morning in my carrot cake overnight oats. Yum!


53 Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} May 26, 2011 at

I love chia seeds! My most frequent use is in my oatmeal, but I also bake with them sometimes.
Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} recently posted..My Favorite Sandwich


54 Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} May 26, 2011 at

I liked your FB page.
Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} recently posted..My Favorite Sandwich


55 Diana Byrum May 26, 2011 at

I recently started using chia seeds in smoothies, juice and seeded breads. I throw the seeds into my garden bed and they grow into a fantastic plant with purple-blue flower spikes.


56 Cheryl May 26, 2011 at

I loved Chia Seeds, sprinkled on top of bagel and cream cheese.


57 Shannon May 26, 2011 at

I’ve never heard of chia seeds before reading your blog, but I am very intrigued! They seem like the perfect all-around food.


58 Anna May 26, 2011 at

I love chia seeds in my smoothies!


59 wendy May 26, 2011 at

I liked you on facebook!


60 wendy May 26, 2011 at

I didn’t realize how important chia was to the Aztecs, the third main crop! I really liked reading about. It disappeared for 500 years and was only rediscovered 2 decades ago, and that it probably disappeared for religious purposes. Thanks !


61 wendy May 26, 2011 at

I tweeted about the giveaway! @ofnaivete


62 wendy May 26, 2011 at

last but not least, I love using chia seeds in overnight oats. I just made some with chia seeds, homemade applesauce (that I used the food doodles recipe for!), whole milk yogurt, almond milk & almond butter. I can’t wait for breakfast!

I also only bought my first bag of chia seeds because I saw your chia seed pudding recipe and couldn’t stop thinking about it, I make my own with chocolate peanut butter. Mmmmm!


63 Just Audrey May 27, 2011 at

I love using chia seed in chia pudding! Not the most creative but it’s fun and tasty. 🙂


64 Erika M May 27, 2011 at

My friend introduced me to chia seeds one night when we sat down for fresh blueberries and raw whipped cream. I was hooked! I use the gel from soaking them in baked goods to up the moisture, particularly since whole wheat can often leave things so dry! I also love the magnesium in them…since usually chocolate cravings come from magnesium deficiency. Thanks for the information on Mila!


65 Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel May 27, 2011 at

im definitely impressed that the product/chia seeds contain EIGHT TIMES more omegas than salmon- holy crap! thats awesome! <3


66 jess May 27, 2011 at

i love making a quick chocolate chia seed pudding to keep in the fridge for when my sweet tooth beckons! can’t wait to try your recipe too that includes a power punch of sweet potato!


67 Megan May 27, 2011 at

I love using chia seeds in banana oatmeal, delicious!


68 Megan May 27, 2011 at

I visited the web site and learned that omega-3′s help to control and balance your mood – something I need haha


69 Danielle May 27, 2011 at

I have never tried chia seeds before, but this recipe might make me do it! Looking forward! Thanks!


70 Rachel May 28, 2011 at

I love chia seeds (though to be honest I’m never particularly creative with them; this pudding looks like a delicious change!). I have them in my oatmeal every morning and use them in baking as an egg substitute.


71 Rachel May 28, 2011 at

I learned that you’d have to eat about 6 times as many calories’ worth of other foods in order to get equivalent nutrition from mila! That’s crazy!


72 emily May 28, 2011 at

i have never actually tried chia seeds, but i’d love to attempt pudding or put them into a smoothie. 🙂
emily recently posted..a conglomeration of randomness


73 josephine May 29, 2011 at

i love chia seeds i add them to my post work out shakes 😉


74 Apron Appeal May 31, 2011 at

The title on photograzing brought me to your site – vegan chocolate pudding – but then when I opened it up on your blog the title was expanded “Sweet potato”! Even better. then I learn about chia -so cool – I think I’ll go buy some TODAY.
Apron Appeal recently posted..Fauxstess Cupcakes


75 megi May 31, 2011 at

What an interesting and informative post, I love chia and use it even more often now that we make your chia pudding, it’s excellent, I usually make it with goat’s milk yogurt and a touch of honey for my daughter and she LOVES it. I’ll definitely try the chocolate sweet potato chia pudding, sounds and looks delicious.


76 gena June 5, 2011 at

i’ve never tried chia seeds, but i’d love to! they sound really healthy.


77 Kathy June 23, 2011 at

I’ve never tried chia seeds before, just because I can never, ever find them! I can only find flax seeds or meal. But if I had chia seeds, I would most likely make chia eggs or make ‘pudding’ with them [pudding link:


78 Kathy June 23, 2011 at

I know the contest is over, but I just wanted to post anyways ^^ haha


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