Coconut Chai Popsicles

by Heidi @ Food Doodles on

Right now I’m considering how fortunate I am to have had this post waiting for me, ready to go with only a little bit of writing required.  It’s really hot here.  I thought I was handling the heat better than I usually do every time this year, but I guess not(although trying to bake doesn’t help!).  It’s hot!  And I think it feels even hotter when you want to go inside at 1 in the afternoon and the kids just want to go down the slide one more time.

Really, these popsicles are all I want to eat all day.

Just as a small note, my son loves the taste of these, but I would think twice about letting him have one if they were caffeinated.  I never made a big deal about caffeine before because I’ve never consumed a whole lot of it and when I did, it’s never bothered me up until recently.  So if it bothers you or if your going to share with your kids and they aren’t used to it, make them decaf.

Another small note, you may have to keep an eye on these and freeze them fairly quickly.  I had a hard time poking the stick all the way in because it had already frozen almost solid.  Using full fat coconut milk will help with that because it will still be fairly soft but try to keep the time between layers fairly short, and pour the next layer while the first layer is still soft, but frozen just enough to stop the layers from mixing.  Or you can use a wooden popsicle stick which will make things much easier 🙂


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1 Nami | Just One Cookbook August 8, 2011 at

I love chai, and chai with my favorite coconut? YUM! You know I’m so envious that you get to eat popsicle. SF has been having really cool summer and right now it’s like 70F I think? My heater turns on in the morning!!! I stopped making popsicles and ice cream… too cold to eat. You must envy me, but I miss hot (ok maybe not hot, warm) weather as I get older… I want to eat these and hang around at the pool side. I’m keeping this recipe and will make this in the future!


2 Clarkie @ Beloved Green August 8, 2011 at

I’m a huge fan of chai. I’d give these a try, they look delish!


3 Maris (In Good Taste) August 8, 2011 at

Chai is my very favorite tea so I ma rather certain I will love these


4 betty August 8, 2011 at

oh yum these would be perfect on a warm sunny day 🙂


5 Ally @ August 8, 2011 at

Yummy! How can you go wrong making anything with chai, but popsicles?! Ingenious 😀


6 Melissa @ Dash of East August 8, 2011 at

Oh yum! These look so good! And I’m absolutely loving the layers. I’m still trying to master the whole popsicle making thing, which would come in handy in this Georgia summer heat 🙂


7 sally August 8, 2011 at

I love chai tea, but with the summer heat I haven’t been in the mood for it! This looks like the perfect tea for a hot summer day.


8 Pure2raw Twins August 8, 2011 at

Delicious! I want now … no make that mid-day! Yes when I am hot and need something to cool off these are perfect!! Love all the layers too!



9 Richa August 8, 2011 at

ooooh.. coconut and chai.. and popsicle.. cant get any better than this! Seattle is in the 70s too..but i am not letting that stop me from eating up all icecreams and popsicles on the beach! though with a sweatshirt on 😉


10 Emma Galloway August 9, 2011 at

Oh my. I love chai and coconut milk, even better that they are together… and frozen! Will have to try them out when summer finally arrives here in Australia!


11 Marsha @ The Harried Cook August 9, 2011 at

Love the flavors in these popsicles! And they are so pretty… Really perfect for the heat 🙂 Thanks for sharing this beautiful recipe!


12 Regan @ The Professional Palate August 9, 2011 at

Was just thinking about a frozen chai dessert yesterday. Crazy! These look yum.


13 Jess@Healthy Exposures August 9, 2011 at

what an awesome idea for popsicles!! i love the layers…and of course, you cannot go wrong with coconut chai. yum!


14 Kate@FudgyGoodness August 9, 2011 at

Wow, how good do these look? I love the combination of flavours – coconut milk is my new favourite ingredient for ice-creams. Thanks for sharing!


15 Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} August 9, 2011 at

Oh my goodness do these look good! Chai is one of my all-time favorite flavors.


16 Michaela August 9, 2011 at

wow, u come always up with such creative and yummi flavours! I love chai tea!


17 maggie@maggieandthenuts August 9, 2011 at

Oh my goodness. I literally just bought ingredients to make coconut pops last night. I was craving them. But now it looks like I need to go back to the store because these look so much better! Chai and coconut. What a great combo.


18 Kate@Diethood August 9, 2011 at

Oh wow, isn’t that a delicious combination!


19 Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel August 9, 2011 at

I’m not sure why but the colors and stripes made me first think of the cartoon Blues Clues … still trying to connect why i am comparing the two lol.. but really what i mean to say is that they look so fun and super delicious!! <3


20 Barefeet In The Kitchen August 9, 2011 at

These are adorable! And they sound delicious too. Coconut anything makes me incredibly happy. 🙂


21 Felicia (Natural+Balanced) August 9, 2011 at

love this idea. i actually made mango-coconut ice cream today and thought of you!


22 Sherilyn @ Wholepromise August 9, 2011 at

I love Chai and i love that these are sweetened with honey.


23 Rawkinmom August 9, 2011 at

wow…these look great!!! I love the blue tops with the brown and tan colors!!! 🙂


24 Vivienne August 9, 2011 at

strong chai tea is one of my fav drink…and im excited to see the combo with coconut milk! will try this when its summer over here 🙂 the colours are so pretty too!


25 megan @ whatmegansmaking August 10, 2011 at

ok, this looks amazing. I just posted a chai recipe as well and I can’t get enough of it! Great idea!!


26 Amy @ Gastronome Tart August 10, 2011 at

I absolutely LOVE Chai AND Coconut! Win win! A perfect summer treat.


27 Tori (@eat-tori) August 10, 2011 at

Brilliant combination. And the layers just take it to another level. I’ve just discovered your blog and am kicking myself for taking so long. There’s so much I want to cook from here….


28 anda August 10, 2011 at

Wow, these look amazing! I love chai and coconut! I’ve never made my own popsicles, I guess it’s time to start!


29 Lindsay @ Pinch of Yum August 10, 2011 at

How fun! That red packet of Chai looks familiar… I can’t remember the name of it, but that’s the kind I use, too! 🙂


30 The Teenage Taste August 10, 2011 at

Oooh! This looks so yummy and interesting! These aren’t your average Popsicles, that’s for sure! 🙂


31 Jeanette August 10, 2011 at

What a terrific flavor combination – these popsicles are so pretty! Love that they are non-dairy.


32 Kimberley August 12, 2011 at

Such a clever popsicle idea! I bet the flavors were astounding.


33 David August 12, 2011 at

Oh, they look great – I love the stripes. And it’s so appealing that you only used three ingredients to make them. Your blog is really lovely Heidi.


34 Cate August 12, 2011 at

Heidi- these look so amazing. I can’t wait to try them when my self-imposed caffeine moratorium is over!


35 Reese@SeasonwithSpice August 14, 2011 at

What a nice summer treat!


36 Sabine August 14, 2011 at

Those look really great and so easy to make. Love the flavors.


37 Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli August 17, 2011 at

Oh Heidi, these look fantastic! So cute with the layering too! How can you go wrong with chai AND coconut! I need to give these a try soon!
Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted..WIAW: The Greens Edition


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