Homemade Ketchup

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So today I thought I’d share my ketchup recipe.  Just this last fall was the first time I made this and next year I will cook it more than I did last year.  This batch turned out a little watery and not at all ketchup-like but the flavor is great and without any funky ingredients.  It will be way better once it’s cooked more to reduce it to a ketchup-like consistency.  I have adjusted the cooking times to reflect that but feel free to test it as you go by dropping a little on a plate to see how it holds up. I know to a lot of people it seems tedious and unnecessary to make things like this when they’re so easily and cheaply bought at the store.  While being cheaper when you buy large quantities of tomatoes – or grow your own – it’s also amazingly satisfying to have made your own ketchup.  Who else can say that?  Not to mention you don’t need to worry about the amount of sugar or corn syrup in the final product because you can adjust it how you want.  You can also pick the ripest tomatoes and therefore not have to add as much sugar to make up the sweetness that should naturally be in the tomatoes.  You don’t need to worry about added colors and preservatives.  This is not something you have to wonder about where the ingredients came from which is a great feeling. While I canned mine, if canning makes you nervous you can always freeze it in small quantities and thaw it as needed.  It lasts in the fridge for quite a while after opened or thawed – I would say at least 2-3 weeks.


  I’ve served this on Mashed Potato Pancakes as in the pictures, and homemade hamburgers, veggie burgers, homemade fries.  Anywhere you would use ketchup 🙂 Process and original recipe from Stocking Up by Carol Hupping Stoner under the title Catsup.

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1 simplynutritiouskate March 27, 2011 at

I need to start making my own ketchup it looks much simpler than I thought and so fresh!


2 Ellie @ Kitchen Wench March 28, 2011 at

Okay, I’ve just bookmarked this recipe because unfortunately we’ve just passed tomato season (not that we had a fabulous tomato season anyway due to the crap weather all summer), but I’d love to try making my own ketchup!


3 Heidi @ Food Doodles March 29, 2011 at

Our tomato season wasn’t very good last year either. I like to grow my own but I had to buy some. I wonder if the recipe would work with canned tomatoes… But fresh is always better of course 🙂


4 Lori March 28, 2011 at

So glad you shared your recipe. This has been one of those things on my to-make list. I’ve only found one variety in the store that is HFCS free so I know it’s time to whip it out myself. Plus, this has to be so tasty!


5 Heidi @ Food Doodles March 29, 2011 at

Yes, it was on my to-make list for a while too. It’s so worth it 🙂


6 Mary @ Delightful Bitefuls March 28, 2011 at

I had no idea it was that simple… LOVE this! I can’t wait to try it out!

Mary xo
Delightful Bitefuls


7 Allison March 28, 2011 at

I was hoping to getting around to canning my own ketchup last year, but didn’t have enough time! Hopefully I get to it this year, yours looks great!


8 thequirkykitchen March 28, 2011 at

I’m so glad I found your blog – it’s lovely! I stayed in a vegan hotel last year and they served home made ketchup. Now I can make some of my own! Great recipe and so much nicer than the bottled stuff!


9 Heidi @ Food Doodles March 29, 2011 at

And I’m glad you found me 😀


10 Tonia April 15, 2013 at

I just made your catsup for the first time! Thank you!! Just wondering though, how long does it keep in the fridge? I don’t want food poisoning, you know. Ha! ;). Thanks again!!


11 Rebecca March 28, 2011 at

This is a fantastic looking recipe and a wonderful picture. I am going to make some of this right away. Thanks so much.


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