No-Bake, Vegan Banana Coconut Cream Mini Pies

by Heidi @ Food Doodles on

I warned you about more frozen/no-bake desserts, right?  I just can’t help myself 🙂  I even have another(better!) version of my frosty no-bake granola bars coming next week.  I promise to post more real food soon though.  But for now, how cute are these?  Someone asked about coconut whipped cream a while ago on the Food Doodles Facebook page and ever since then I’ve been thinking of how to incorporate it into a recipe.  And here’s the result!

On the subject of coconut whipped cream, I have to say I don’t like eating a lot of it.  Eventually it just doesn’t taste so good anymore(or maybe it’s the texture?  I’m not a huge fan of regular whipped cream either), but in something like these pies, with different flavors and textures it’s delicious!  I love natural coconut flavor so much I don’t feel the need to add extracts or artificial flavorings.  Natural tastes good 🙂

It’s also the perfect “cream” to whip.  It will never turn into butter no matter how much you whip it.  That being said it also doesn’t get as firm as regular, dairy whipped cream, which is good and bad.  But mostly good 🙂

Of course I did grate a little dark chocolate over the top of the pies.  Completely optional, but yummy!

While these are a little big to split between two people they are the perfect sharing dessert.  They’re best served straight out of the pie tin.  If you do want to make their removal a little easier, line the pie plate with plastic wrap or maybe even parchment or wax paper to help pull them out. Although they wont hold their shape very well outside of the tin unless they’re placed in the freezer for about an hour.

Speaking of slicing, this pie doesn’t slice too well.  It needs about an hour in the freezer until at least the top of the cream is solidified and then it will slice fairly neatly.  Then the plastic wrap or paper will really come in handy for pulling it out as that might get a little messy.

As you can see in the pictures my first piece was a mess.  Who cares if it’s delicious though, right?

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1 Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} July 20, 2012 at

I thought for sure there was going to be nuts in the crust, but nope! So excited to try this! 🙂
Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} recently posted..Coconut-lime roasted chickpeas


2 september July 20, 2012 at

This looks SO yummy ty!


3 Richa@HobbyandMore July 20, 2012 at

love love these cute pies! so fresh and perfect.
Richa@HobbyandMore recently posted..Roasted Tomato Chipotle Mac and Cheese. Nut-free option. Vegan recipe


4 Nora @ natural noshing July 20, 2012 at

Ooooooohhhh I love these cute mini pies!!! The 3rd photo is my fav – I want to dig right in!!!!
Nora @ natural noshing recently posted..Chocolate-Dipped Walnut and Currant Cookies


5 chinmayie @ love food eat July 21, 2012 at

Such delicious pies… I am sure it tastes great!
chinmayie @ love food eat recently posted..Bitter Black Chocolate Brownies (Vegan, Soy-free, Gluten-free)


6 Joanne July 21, 2012 at

It’s probably the heat but I’ve been CRAVING coconut flavored baked goods lately. These pies look perfect!
Joanne recently posted..Recipe: Cherry Nutella Hand Pies


7 Kathryn July 21, 2012 at

These look so lovely, I’m going through a major coconut phase at the moment!
Kathryn recently posted..chocolate & fleur de sel magic shell


8 Gosia July 21, 2012 at

Heidi, ‘frozen’ and “no-bake” – that’s all I needed to hear to focus on your lovely post. I’m plotting here, you know, but since I’m planning to spend a few weeks in scorching Arizona, all by myself, no hubby around for a while to ensure his protein intake, I plan to only eat fruit, raw vegetables, and all sorts of frozen delights… yours high on the list. The ice cream maker is being ordered on Amazon as I’m writing this. I’ll keep you posted. Hugs.
Gosia recently posted..Comment on On this Day in 2010: Morning Lake by Gosia Maj


9 Alaine @ My GF & DF Living July 22, 2012 at

I love no-bake desserts! Yum, this looks so delicious! I can’t wait to try it out.
Alaine @ My GF & DF Living recently posted..Raw Vegan Brownies


10 Erin @ Texanerin Baking July 24, 2012 at

These are so cute! I won’t say anything about the bananas. 🙂 I recently whipped coconut milk for the first time and was really surprised at how good it was. I don’t like normal whipped cream either! Yuck.
Erin @ Texanerin Baking recently posted..Grain-free Apricot Muffins


11 heather July 26, 2012 at

Genius! and so freaking adorable
heather recently posted..summer happiness


12 Alissa N July 27, 2012 at

Yum!! This looks amazing!! I have never heard of whipping the coconut solids to make a whipped cream but it’s brilliant!! Love your site 🙂
Alissa N recently posted..Chocolate Chip Mint Banana Ice Cream


13 Julie July 29, 2012 at

This looks unreal!! Trying this for sure 🙂
Julie recently posted..The Best 21 days of the Year


14 holly August 2, 2012 at

This looks amazing!! I cannot wait to give this a try.
My mum always makes Banana Pudding at home, and I always drool over for a bite, but can’t. I am glad to have finally found a recipe I can try. It looks pretty easy, I am so excited now! Thank you for sharing! Vegan Power!!!
holly recently posted..Where’s The Doctor?


15 Kay August 2, 2012 at

Shut up. I miss banana puddin pie in the worst way. I’ll be doing this shortly.


16 Jennifer August 6, 2012 at

These look awesome! I don’t have 4-inch pie tins though, could I just put it all in one 8-inch tin?


17 Heidi @ Food Doodles August 7, 2012 at

Yes, but I think you might need more cream to fill the pie – you can easily increase the filling if you need more 🙂


18 Natasha February 11, 2013 at

I used this recipe and made 100 bite size raw coconut banana cream pies and came in second in the raw food category of a vegan baking competition !!! Thanks for the recipe 🙂 follow my blog to see my adventures in baking


19 Melody February 20, 2013 at

I found your recipe on Pinterest, and I am making it right now. This is my first raw vegan desert attempt. (I went vegan three months ago, and am working my way toward raw/vegan.) I had all the ingredients on hand, how awesome is that?! I figure this is a great way to use up some of my excess bananas. Thanks so much!


20 Trisha August 25, 2013 at


It looks interesting… and I’d love to try. However, I never eat canned food…. or ingest sugar (knowingly), never buy it… it’s been yrs since I’ve even owned a bag…. and the last one was thrown away because of uncertainty about sources, and the way in which it was handled at the Mfg facilty. What about Stevia and fresh organic coconut for this recipe… will that work?


21 Jovana November 5, 2016 at

Is the freezer necesarry?


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