Blogging services I use and recommend:

Host Gator – In the three years I’ve used it it’s been down once and was back up quickly and their support was great.

Get online with the world's Best -!
GoDaddy Domains – GoDady was the first place I thought to look for a domain and since then I’ve never had a problem with them!

How smart is your Theme? How good is your support? Check out ThesisTheme for WordPress. Thesis Theme – If you’re looking for a shiny new theme for your blog and want something affordable and DIY this is for you! It’s so customizable and the SEO is great. Definitely recommended!


Photography tools I use:

Nikon D3100 with stock lens – I used this camera and lens for a long time. While the lens wasn’t the sharpest for photos I know now that it was important for me to learn on. I absolutely recommend the camera as an affordable first time DSLR. It’s very easy to use and great to learn on.

Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR FX Lens – Once I outgrew the stock lens this is the lens I purchased and I am still more than happy with it.  It’s one of the more affordable lenses but the quality is great!  Perfect for food photography but it’s also perfect for taking great pictures of my kids 🙂

Dolica AX680P104 68-Inch Proline Tripod and Pan Head – I avoided buying a tripod for the longest time and when I did I bought the cheapest one I could find.  It broke within weeks.  Then I decided to buy a decent quality one that would last and this was the one I decided on.  It’s been going strong for a couple years now.  It’s sturdy and affordable when it comes on sale.

Reflectors and Diffuser – I use these all the time.  When the sunlight coming in through the window is too bright I put the deflector up against the window for nice soft light for taking pictures.  These ones are very large so they cover my whole window(so they would be good for outside photography as well but  smaller ones would work as well.

Adobe Lightroom – I’ve just been playing around with this and haven’t gotten very good at it yet but I can already tell I’ll be using it for a very long time.  Great program!

Picassa(Free!) – Before Lightroom this is what I was using and even though it’s not the best you can still greatly improve your photos with it and best of all it’s free!

PicMonkey(also Free!) – I use PicMonkey all the time!  It’s great for adding a fun touch to your photos and again, it’s free!

Tasty Food Photography eBook Tasty Food Photography is a great eBook to help you improve your food photography.


WordPress Plugins I love:

Easy Recipe – A great recipe plugin to help with your seo and help your recipes appear in Google.

Shareaholic – A great sharing tool for your blog

Comment reply notification – A simple tool to notify commenters that they have a reply for them

Akismet – All bloggers have issues with spam, Akismet helps so much!



** The links above are affiliate links which means if you use them to buy something I’ll earn a small percentage.  I link to these because I use them and feel they’re worth the money.  If you do use the links to make a purchase, thank you for supporting Food Doodles!  If you have any questions feel free to use the Contact Me tab above to send me a message! **

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