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Hello everyone!  It’s been such a long time, I’m so happy to be writing to you again!  I hope you remember me, haha!  Today I’m just writing this post to let you know that Food Doodles will be making a comeback and to share a sneak peak of whats to come with you.  First off let me say thank you so much to the few people who checked in with me while I was on my looooong break just to make sure my family and I were all OK.  It really meant a lot, thank you!

The photos above are just a few of the recipes I’ve been working on to share with you.  And let me say I am so happy to finally be back, for real this time 🙂  Over a year ago I was so burned out.  My email, social media, subscription list, every waking moment was packed entirely full of food blogs.  I was feeling like every spare moment had to be spent reading other food blogs, thinking up new ideas, testing recipes, photographing food, and rushing through everything to make sure I had time for everything else important in my life, and when I wasn’t doing everything I thought I should be doing I felt guilty, feeling like I wasn’t keeping up with my blog when in reality, enjoying the present moment is so much more important, especially when you have little kids.  Now that I’m back I have a much more balanced view of blogging and unfortunately that means I wont be keeping up with as many other blogs.  To all my blog friends, I still love reading your blogs and being inspired by them and still do visit your blog when I have a few free moments, but I don’t always have time to comment or let you know, but you’re all awesome!  So from now on I’m mostly going to stick to my own blog, doing what I enjoy best.  I may not stick to a posting schedule, but that means that when I do have time to post, I’ll be bringing you the best content I possibly can 🙂


So my plans for Food Doodles… I don’t expect things to change much, to be honest.  I do plan on relaxing things a whole lot.  As a blogger we’re encouraged to find our “niche” and stick to it.  But in reality I was trying to fit my blog into something too small for me.  Our family eats meat.  So by catering to a mostly vegan and vegetarian audience I was excluding a lot of yummy recipes that I would have loved to share, but felt like I couldn’t or shouldn’t.  But I’m done with that.Food Doodles will still be centered around healthy foods, and healthier options for kids and adults, and that means a lot of the recipes will still be vegan or vegetarian, but if the very occasional meat recipe is too offensive, feel free to unsubscribe from my blog.  Or if your taste in food blogs is different now or you just don’t have time, please feel free to unsubscribe.  I realize it’s been a long time since Food Doodles was regularly posting recipes, so thanks for sticking around this long!

My other plans for Food Doodles include not posting as many pictures with each recipe.  Even I found some of my pictures to be repetitive as I tried to show absolutely every angle of a single dish.  Enough of that!  Aint nobody got time for that!  Am I right?  I also plan to start redoing some photographs to my older posts.  I redid the pictures to my super yummy Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding recipe pictured above.  Go check out the improvement from the old photos, I left a couple of the old ones at the bottom for comparison 🙂


I also redid the pictures for the delicious Cajun Shrimp Soup pictured above, I suggest you check that one out too now that it looks a ton better.  At the bottom of the post you can check out how awful the pictures were before.  I also plan on trying to make my posts less wordy, maybe even having a wordless Wednesday style post every once in a while.  I know I’m not the best or most exciting writer on the planet, and that’s OK.  No point in forcing it either 😉

That being said, instead of a recipe I wanted to share with you a short tour of our little 1 acre yard since we’re especially proud of it lately.  Since buying our home 7 years ago we’re finally getting happier with our yard, which was a complete mess when we moved in.  And in an effort to reduce the amount of pictures I made collages instead 🙂  Progress!  So here we go…

KidsYardCollageFirst of all I have to share with you the kids part of our yard.  My husband built this amazing tree house last summer, and it just needs a few finishing touches and possibly a door, until it’s completely done.  He may have overdone things a little, as usual.  To put it in perspective, the floor is 8 feet above the ground and we even poured cement footings for this fort.  We joke that it’s nicer than our house!  We hope to one day add a slide to it and we jokingly(at least I think we’re joking) talk about adding a zipline.  Also in the picture above you’ll notice the swing set my husband welded together for our kids a few years ago.  With a hammock swing on one side and a rope for climbing and swinging on the other, you can see why it’s a hit even in the middle of winter.  And the best part?  It’s big and solid enough even the adults can swing too!

Moving onto the plants.  In the treehouse picture above you can see our hazelnut trees to the left, we have about 8.  Behind the swing set are our 2 plum trees, and giant apricot tree.  Behind the apricot is also a huuuuge walnut tree.  I’ll have to take a picture of it next time, it’s one of my favorite trees on our property.

HerbCollageMoving on, I have lots of herbs growing in our yard, but the most photogenic were these: a massive oregano plant in the stone herb bed my husband built for me.  I would show you the whole herb bed, but the rest of it is a bit of a mess still, and not as full as it will be later in the summer.  And in the smaller pictures above, my favorite mints!  Peppermint and spearmint.   So yummy just in glass of water in the summer.  I love my mint!  I also have a ton of parsley, thyme, lavender, rosemary, chives and other herbs, but they weren’t as photogenic.  Maybe I’ll have to do a yard update later in the summer when things start looking a little nicer 🙂

SpringFlowerCollageSpeaking of looking nice, I couldn’t help but include some pictures of my flower garden.  Unfortunately I missed out on taking pictures of my peonies(which are my favorite!) but I did manage to get some nice ones of my irises, roses and poppies!FruitCollage

So here is a close up of one of our plum trees.  They weren’t very well taken care of when we first moved in, but they do provide us with a lot of fruit.  In the top small picture you can see the little tiny green plums starting to grow if you look closely.  And in the bottom picture you can see one of our baby grape vines!  This year we planted 2 long rows of raspberries and 6 grape vines, two of each, red, green and black seedless varieties.  They’re still so small and we wont get fruit this year but we can’t wait for next year!


In this collage starting from the top left, are my lovely peas!  I only plant edible pod varieties like snow or snap peas because the vast majority of these will be eaten standing in the garden, and really don’t have time to be shelling peas(who does!).  We really can’t wait for these.  Going clockwise, this is one of our (still tiny) raspberry plants we just planted this spring.  You’ll notice the black tube running right by it which is some amazing irrigation, which I also have my husband to thank for that.  Below that is a picture of the amazing trellising my husband made for our raspberry plants.  Oh and I wanted to point out one of my other favorite plants, the left of the raspberry rows you’ll notice my lovely, bushy bamboo which is at the back of our house which dies off every winter and comes back like crazy every spring.  I absolutely love it!  And then the bottom left picture is a tomato blossom.  Every year I can and freeze a ton of tomatoes and things like salsa, not to mention the kids love cherry tomatoes so it just makes sense to plant tons of tomatoes.  Just another thing we can hardly wait for!


So now that I’m done probably the wordiest post in the history of Food Doodles, even though I just said my goal was to stop that, I just want to say how glad I am to be back and how excited I am so share some delicious recipes with you!  I’ll leave you with a picture from our most recent family hike 🙂  See you soon with a new recipe!


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1 Charlotte Moore June 5, 2015 at

What a nice to surprise to see your name in my email this morning. I am so excited you are back. I just saw a recipe from you this week that I had written on paper and wondered if you would blog again. Loves the pics of your yard.

Anxious to read more from you soon.



2 Heidi @ Food Doodles June 7, 2015 at

Aww, thanks Charlotte!


3 Julia @ Swirls and Spice June 5, 2015 at

I’ve always enjoyed your photos and recipes and look forward to this comeback you speak of. Family should always come first though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
Julia @ Swirls and Spice recently posted..Pan-Fried Flounder with Gluten-Free Breading


4 Heidi @ Food Doodles June 7, 2015 at

Thank you so much Julia!


5 Sharon June 6, 2015 at

I was JUST checking your blog last week to see if you’d resurfaced! So ironic. Welcome back. I’m glad you’ve returned and will do it on your terms. I think all food bloggers can relate to that self imposed pressure. I remember when I first started blogging I would post 5 times a week, which was totally nuts and completely stressful. It’s supposed to be fun, right!? I also experienced some lost followers when a recipe of mine contained chicken or even eggs, but that is reality and being fake doesn’t serve me. Can’t wait to see all of the goodies you’ve been saving up!
Sharon recently posted..Almond & Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies – Gluten Free, Grain Free


6 Heidi @ Food Doodles June 7, 2015 at

Thanks so much Sharon! Your blog is definitely one I kept coming back to even when I wasn’t hardly looking at food or blogs at all. Just love your site 🙂 And yes, blogging is supposed to be fun. Why are we so hard on ourselves sometimes? I find when I’m not so hard on myself the quality of my blog is much better too, when I get stressed everything suffers, lol 🙂 Thanks so much for popping in!


7 Jennifer June 8, 2015 at

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding is interesting, My kids will love it too much. I will try the best. thank you for amazing recipe
Jennifer recently posted..Best Essential Oil Diffuser Buying Guide Infographic


8 September June 8, 2015 at

So happy that you’re back! The yard looks beautiful as well. Excited to see more recipes and try some out.


9 Heidi @ Food Doodles June 9, 2015 at

Thanks September! 🙂


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