With warmer weather coming I find myself wanting more raw veggies and salads.  It makes me even more impatient for my garden.  I’m so excited to start planting everything outside at the end of this month!  I’ve been seeing recipes for zucchini everywhere already.  I had so much zucchini last year I couldn’t deal with it all but I feel much better prepared this year.  Bring on the zucchini!  And hopefully a whole bunch of other veggies too 😀

OK, I confess, I haven’t always liked salad.  I think I’ve always liked Caesar salad and basic salad made with romaine lettuce but beyond that, I didn’t like salad.  Mixed greens?  Ew.  Ever since making an effort to get more greens, I find I crave them.  To me, salad should have just a little bit of dressing for flavor, not mounds of it.  Otherwise it’s not really the salad you’re enjoying.  In my experience, simpler is usually better when it comes to dressings and that’s really the case with this salad.  It’s so good I occasionally make it for a snack.  It’s so easy, I throw the dressing into a large enough Tupperware container and mix it a little, then throw in everything else and shake it with the lid on.



Have a great weekend everyone!