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Who doesn’t have a recipe for Greek salad?  I’m sure everyone does even if it only means dumping half a bottle of store bought dressing onto some vegetables.  Now I’ve got to say it… If there’s one thing that scares me, it’s store bought dressing.  I’ve had some in the fridge since before my daughter was born and she’s coming up on 16 months, and it tastes the same as always.  Ew?  That’s not something I want to eat.  There’s one diet rule I think makes the most sense – if it doesn’t go bad, don’t eat it.  With the exception being honey which, when raw and unprocessed is very good for you, and doesn’t go bad.  Really though, everything should go bad at some point.  Even home made canned goods go bad after you open them.  Home baked goods go bad, or even just stale after a couple of days.  I think it goes without saying that Twinkies really creep me out.

That being said, here’s my version of Greek Salad, that I’m sure everyone has a version of their own.  You can serve it with pasta, or not.  Either way it’s awesome.  Sometimes I add pasta as an excuse to just eat this as an entire meal.  You can even use the dressing as a marinade.