As usual, this morning was the farmers market so we went before we did our grocery shopping.  Lately there has been a lot more products and a lot less produce, which is kind of sad for me(even though I do still like looking at everything), but even still I walked away with a huge arm load of vegetables and it only cost me $6.

I know a lot of people complain about how expensive the farmers market can be, but sometimes you just have to look in the right places.  And sometimes the best deals are the ones that aren’t written down on signs, you have to ask.  Today I got the regular 5 giant stalks of rhubarb for $1.50. I also got a large bok choy and a single kholrabi with the tops for $4.50.  You can see the pen in the picture below to see just how big everything was.

As you can see I had a huge armload.  Not bad price-wise at all 😀

Moving on, I made these biscotti the other day.  Biscotti are a little different from the cookies I usually like.  They’re dry and not usually that great without something to dunk them in but the kids actually really enjoyed these just by themselves so I considered them a success.  Next time I wouldn’t bake them for as long for the second bake though, just so they’re nice to eat without coffee or milk too.