I mentioned sweets are my thing right?  I really can’t resist.  Every once in a while I cut all sweets out, except natural things like fruit, and a bit of raw local honey in my tea.  I of course allow myself the occasional indulgence, but I’ve realized that it’s not the occasional treat on the weekend that does any damage, it’s the sweet snacks every day or the not-so-good habits I fall into.  Eventually after cutting out all sweets I let my guard down and slowly allow sweet habits to start again.  These cookies however, are a nice sweet treat that has an amazing ingredients list.  I find if I can keep my blood sugar in control, I can resist anything and these cookies are perfect for that.  While the original recipe on Oh She Glows and Healthy Hoggin’ looked amazingly good too, I don’t like adding that much sweetener to anything pretending to be healthy – even if it is as good for you as maple syrup is. That’s why I love this recipe.  No added sweeteners(unless you dip them in chocolate, like me.  I couldn’t help myself with the last few cookies that were left and I definitely recommend it).  No flour.  No added fat.  No nuts, no gluten(if you make sure all your ingredients are gluten-free), and no guilt.  All natural and totally delicious.  The texture almost reminded me of shortbread.  Almost buttery and not too sweet and almost sandy because of the coconut.  I’m not sure what it was, but these are fantastic.  I’m sure the original recipe is even better, but for now I’ll stick to these ones… and just dip them in chocolate as an indulgence 😀