Lunch Box Inspiration – Week 1 & 2 – 2015

by Heidi @ Food Doodles on September 21, 2015

Welcome to a totally new and different post here on Food Doodles!  I’ve been packing lunches for a few years now, and now I’d like to share how I do it!  I absolutely love looking at bento style lunches for inspiration like the wonderful Wendolonia, but to be completely honest I don’t have much confidence in my own ability to put together something so cute first thing in the morning .  I do however pack minimally processed, healthy lunches that come back home completely eaten more often than not, so I thought I’d share in the hopes that I inspire someone to pack a healthier lunch for their little ones or even themselves!  Packing your own lunch with healthy homemade and minimally processed food is not only better for yourself but better for your wallet as well!  Well, that’s enough talk, let’s get on with the lunches!

Our first week was only 3 days so I decided to put them all together for this first post.  Please excuse my early morning photography, I’m still getting the hang of shooting with very little light.  Any more experienced photographers want to give me some advice?  Anyways, here we go…


The first day of school we had some leftovers that would be delicious in a thermos, so of course I packed that.  It was actually some homemade hamburger helper that I’ll hopefully be able to share the recipe for soon 🙂  It’s one of my many go-to recipes when I don’t have a whole lot of time and want to make something everyone will eat.  I’ll be sure to share the recipe soon.  We had carrots on the side the night before so I added some of those into the thermos as well.  I also sent a container with a cut up pear and some green grapes and a granola bar on the side.


The next day I sent crackers and cheese with some fun cut cucumbers on the side along with some grapes and a homemade raisin spice cookie.


Excuse my dirty looking table in this photo, it’s actually not dirty but burnt in a weird pattern.  Canning in a small kitchen problems, hot jars everywhere!  Anyways, this day I sent some cucumbers, carrots and cherry tomatoes with some plums, an energy bite and some nuts.  I also split a large orange between both kids 🙂


The first day of the second week I sent leftover homemade pizza roll along with some carrots from our local Farmers Market, half of Fruit Source bar and a cut up apple.


The next day was a hard boiled egg with some carrots and cut up zucchini with dip.  Along with an apple, a half a Fruit Source bar and a small ball of cookie dough.  Yes, we love cookie dough in our house.  No, it did not have eggs in it 🙂


The next day I had some yummy leftovers of a 1 pot pasta I made.  I’ll be sharing the recipe for that soon as well.  Along with that I sent a cut up apple, held together with an elastic band which is one of my favorite ways to reduce the brown apple problem.  I also sent this lunch with a couple plums, because we have a ton right now and a granola bar.


My daughter wasn’t a huge fan of the pasta in her lunch so the next day I sent her crackers and cheese while I sent my son the 1 pot pasta again.  They both got a cut up apple, an energy bite and a half a Fruit Source bar.  I also sent my daughter a banana because I didn’t think her crackers and cheese were as filling as the pasta would have been.  As it turns out she was so excited that I wrote on it with a toothpick that she brought it home to show me.  And then ate it for an afternoon snack.  Haha!  In case you’ve never heard of it before, write a message on a banana skin with a toothpick just hard enough to leave a mark but not pierce the skin.  The writing will be dark enough to see by lunch or even snack time while the rest of the banana is still a nice yellow.  It’s so much fun, my kids love it 🙂


On Friday I sent an old favorite.  I mixed a little plain Greek yogurt with a little bit of sugar and some frozen raspberries and blueberries.  I packed it along with some granola to sprinkle on top and an energy bite and a couple plums for snack time.

Hopefully this has inspired you to pack a healthy lunch for your kids or yourself.  Let me know in the comments what your(or your kids) favorite packed lunches are!

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1 Charlotte Moore September 21, 2015 at 20:36

I am so glad I do not have to do school lunches. Our kids have flown the coop years ago. HA!! I used to get so tired of making PBJ. I can’t stand the thoughts of one. Much to my sorrow I didn’t make healthy things back then.

You have some good choices fryer kiddos.


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