Lunchbox Inspiration Week 12

by Heidi @ Food Doodles on November 30, 2015


We’re back with another post full of kids lunch ideas!  This week on Monday I actually sent(and forgot to take a picture of it) egg salad sandwich filling, along with crackers, a mandarin orange, some carrots(also good for dipping and scooping along with the crackers) and a homemade cookie with Smarties in it.  Fun fact, and I’m not associated with Nestle or Smarties in any way, but they don’t use artificial colors in their candies any more.  Yay!


On Tuesday I sent some homemade jerky along with a little bit of cheese, a cut up apple, some carrot sticks and pieces of red cabbage along with an apple pie larabar bite.


Wednesday I sent a Thermos of a pasta dish I made the night before, similar to this one but without the feta and with a bit of ground venison and ricotta cheese in it 🙂  For snack I sent a grapefruit with a little brown sugar on it.


Thursday I sent the kids a salad with romaine lettuce, red cabbage and red peppers and some leftover homemade chicken nuggets from the night before.  I sent it along with some salad dressing of course, and a jigsaw apple 🙂


And Friday I sent crackers and cheese, a mandarin orange, cut up apple with some pomegranate arils sprinkled over top and a couple almond date rolls.

That’s all for this week.  I’d be happy to hear any new, fun and exciting healthy things you’ve put in your kids lunches lately in the comments below 🙂  Have a great week everyone!

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