Lunchbox Inspiration Week 4

by Heidi @ Food Doodles on October 5, 2015


Here we are with week 4 of our lunchbox inspiration.  I’ll just get right into it.  I usually make a large batch of something that my husband enjoys that will be good for his lunch.  In this case I made one of his favorite soups, Ham and Potato.  Trust me, he does not like soup, but he loves this one 🙂  I should post how I make mine, because I make it a little different.  And I’ll admit it doesn’t look very good in a Thermos but it looks way better in a bowl 😉  In any case, I didn’t have anything else ready yet for the kids lunches so they got a Thermos full of soup, a container of applesauce and an orange 🙂


On Tuesday I sent cheese and crackers with a cut up apple, a few raspberries from our yard, some cut up carrots and a half a Fruit Source bar per kid, cut up into little cubes.


Wednesday and Thursday I sent homemade Mac and Cheese with cauliflower.  I don’t even pre-cook the cauliflower.  In the morning when packing the lunch I cut the cauliflower up into small macaroni sized pieces and put it in my bowl for warming up.  I top with already cooked whole wheat macaroni and the cheese sauce that I made the night before and warm it all up.  I make a cheese sauce similar to the one on my Cheesy Spaghetti Squash and Broccoli Recipe and just store it in the fridge on it’s own till ready to use.  While everything warms up, the cauliflower cooks just enough.  I use about half and half pasta and cauliflower and the kids Thermos-fulls came back empty both days 🙂  On Wednesday I sent a cut up apple and a pumpkin spice energy bite(recipe coming soon!)  My hubby also threw in one small gummy since he had some candies in his lunch 🙂  And on Thursday the kids had an orange and a granola bar with their Mac and Cheese.


On Friday I sent what I call a peanut butter wrap.  A whole grain tortilla spread with peanut butter, and in this case I put a small line of homemade strawberry jam in the middle, all rolled up and sliced into bite sized pieces.  I also sent a cut up apple, a few carrots, a hard boiled egg and a half a Fruit Source bar.


Enjoy your week!

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