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1 Tracy Spangler March 30, 2015 at 03:26

Hi! I just found your amazing blog while unable to sleep and browsing Pinterest for recipes. Your recipe for Chocolate Chia Seed Banana Split Parfait caught my eye, and I’ve been making a list of recipes to make this week (I’m already at 10 and I’ve just looked through your vegan recipes!

Thank you for sharing such delicious and healthy recipes. My family and I aren’t vegan, vegetarian, nor do we eat gluten-free, but I’ve decided to cut out meat from my diet and then my family’s to spend less on groceries and to cease purchasing horrid factory farmed meat My girls are picky eaters, so I’m grateful that you’ve taken the time to share delicious recipes that I think even they will love!

I subscribe to many vegan and vegetarian blogs, along with so many other healthy food blogs I often forget where I found a recipe to try! Your blog and recipes are by far the best I’ve seen! Thanks for inspiring me to start cooking again. I’ve had an increasingly painful, rare nerve disorder for the past three years and have been mildly disabled since birth. As a result I’ve stopped doing many things I love, like cooking, making natural products for bodies, health and home, blogging or growing medicinal and culinary herbs. I’m looking forward to making many of your recipes soon, even if it takes me twice as long. Thank you again for providing the inspiration I needed to get back to making new, healthy meals, snacks and drinks for my family!