Well, salad season is in full force.  I don’t know about you, but for a lot of meals, heavy, cooked foods just don’t sound good to me when it’s hot outside(and inside for that matter).  I actually have another salad dressing to share with you in a few days but for now, this one is very refreshing and light.  This dressing is usually always in our fridge, it’s a favorite of everyone’s in the house.  My husband takes a small jar of this dressing and some chopped lettuce to work and my son even asks for this Caesar salad for snacks, so it must be good right?  The original dressing recipe calls for an egg yolk from an egg that’s been coddled so you can add that if you want to keep it traditional and you can also top it with Parmesan if you’d like to but on a regular basis we just like to keep it simple.

In my salad I used the chickpeas as a protein source and used quite a few.  You can just use them in place of something like croutons though, using just a few, as roasting them makes them slightly crunchy.  If you’d rather have completely crunchy chickpeas I recommend baking them for about 50-55 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes, and maybe more frequently at the end to prevent burning.  Or you can up the temperature to 425 degrees and reduce the baking time to about 40-45 minutes, although you’ll have to watch them much closer to prevent burning.  I haven’t made crunchy chickpeas with this particular recipe, but I have used other recipes with the first method and it works well.