Am I the only one that feels sorry for gingerbread men?  I do love them once in a while, but sure, they aren’t the most exciting cookie ever, or the sweetest and often I think they get overlooked.  But they’re really a lot of fun, and compared to a lot of other cookies, they do actually have some nutritional value, just from the molasses alone.  I’ve been quite a bit more interested in the iron content of foods lately so I had to look it up.  It actually contains a ton of other important nutrients, but did you know blackstrap molasses contains about 3.5mg of iron per tablespoon?  That’s awesome!  And it makes a huge difference when combined with everything else in your regular diet.  I know I’m going to be looking for some more ways to add it to my diet, at least for now.

So yeah, gingie isn’t always the most exciting cookie, but he’s a lot of fun to decorate.  Although I almost immediately resorted to doing little laughing XD faces instead of regular smiles because most of them turned out a little “off”.  And then after getting bored we just filled in the rest with squiggles as you can see in the background.  I just used a very basic “recipe” for the icing using a tbsp or two of milk, a dash of vanilla and enough icing sugar to make a fairly stiff icing.  I even pipped it on with a ziploc bag with the corner cut off, so really, no special technology needed 🙂  It may take a while for the icing to dry though depending on how much icing sugar you add so be sure to test it before stacking your cookies up.

We had a few of these with some homemade(and 100% cooked) eggnog that you can see in the background, which I’ll post two variations of, hopefully later this week – a dairy and non dairy version.