I don’t think these need any introduction.  Everyone knows a shortbread cookie and I did nothing to change these except use whole wheat flour, which I actually think I like better.  They still have that smooth but sandy shortbread texture, so no need to worry about that, in fact that’s what I love about shortbread.  I still think back and remember my grandma’s shortbread cookies, and I can almost taste them.  While these are differently flavored, differently shaped and I think she might shake her head at the use of whole wheat flour, shortbread(among other things!) will always remind me of my grandmother.

What I love about this recipe is that it’s a small batch.  Feel free to double if you’d like them around for at least a few days 🙂  These hold their shape best when rolled in nuts but taste great either way.  As much as I like making recipes more nutritious, I’ll always make room for cookies like these 😀