I didn’t really know how to label these amazing little cookies.  Do I focus on the fact that they’re vegan?  Or is it more exciting that they don’t contain any added oils or sugars?  Or maybe that they’re 100% whole grain?  Or how about the fact that you don’t need a mixer of any kind to make these, just a spoon and a bowl?  Honestly, with all my ideas the titles would have been “Amazing, Whole Grain, No Added Sugar or Oil, Vegan, Peanut Butter and Jam Thumbprint Cookies”.  Um, that seemed like a little much.  But that’s exactly what they are.

Anyways, as usual with anything super healthy that I post, I feel the need to put a disclaimer – these are not your typical cookies!  These are dense and chewy but not dry.  If regular cookies seem too sweet to you, you’ll love these.  They’re sweet, but not enough to hurt your teeth.  I’ll admit, I used regular jam for these and I liked how sweet the jam was in comparison to the cookie, but I think a no sugar added jam sweetened with fruit juice(not artificial sweeteners, please!) would be just as good, if not better.

If you really wanted to go healthier, you could mix some pureed fruit, like strawberries, with some chia seeds until it made a jell and then put that in the center, but I think I would want it a little sweeter than that so try at your own risk.  That being said, I think these are my favorite cookies right now.  Just sweet enough, they store well in the freezer and then I pop them in the microwave for a couple seconds and I have a perfectly healthy treat.

I made a note in the recipe, if sweet dried cherries are hard to find or too expensive, feel free to use something else, like apricots or even raisins would be good, I think.  Just as long as it’s a sweet fruit(and not something like sour cherries!) because that’s where these cookies get their sweetness.