I have a confession.  I’m not one of those people that can wing it when it comes to baking.  I usually have a recipe (or two or three) that I adapt and adapt and adapt until it is what I want it to be.  I don’t often change a ton of different things at once(although I do have a mental list of “safe” changes to make to a recipe), usually just one or two so that I don’t create anything too inedible.  So I’m just a little proud to say I briefly glanced at a couple graham cracker recipes before I decided to wing this one.  Granted, graham crackers aren’t too complicated, I’m still proud of them 😀

As you may have noticed, in the first picture I made Graham Buttons!  The truth is, I get bored of rolling dough out and cutting cookies really quickly.  With the remaining dough I pinched off little 1 1/2 – 2 tsp pieces, rolled them and then squished them with the bottom of a cup that had been floured.  And then I poked them with a chopstick.  Probably just as time consuming as rolling out more cookies, but for some reason it annoys me less.  Plus the kids like squishing dough more than rolling it 😀


And of course, I love these with a little bit a peanut butter.  I put peanut butter between the buttons too, but they were a little too thick for that.  I suggest graham crackers and a glass of milk alongside the jar of peanut butter.  Can’t go wrong there 😀


So now, onto more exciting things.  I’m very excited to have a giveaway for you!  The generous people at Wondermill are hosting a giveaway for one of their Electric Grain Mills that I reviewed in this post.


Since my review, I’m still very happy with my grain mill so I’m so SO excited to be able to share a mill with one of you!  Even if you’re gluten-free, don’t feel left out of this giveaway.  Be sure to check Will It Grind to see the variety of other things the mill can grind, including things like brown(and white) rice, lentils, beans and quite a few other gluten-free options.  Be sure to check the items that it wont grind though too, which mostly include nuts and seeds that are more suited to being ground in a food processor anyways.

**Giveaway is now closed!**

There are three ways to enter this giveaway!  Make sure to leave a separate comment for each one.

The mandatory entry:

  • Leave a comment letting  me know what your favorite whole grain flour or gluten-free flour is!

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Unfortunately, this giveaway is only open to those with a US mailing address!  Sorry to all my international readers!!  Giveaway will end on Wednesday March 21st at noon MST and I will email the winner(so make sure to fill out your email when you comment!) and announce the winner in a post that afternoon or the next day.

**Giveaway is now closed!**