Just as an update to my post earlier in the week… I’m so glad I’m not alone – thanks for all your comments!  That alone made me feel better.  I feel 110% better now 🙂  I’m naturally very easygoing so when I do get stressed out I know something needs fixing.  Funny that something as simple as cleaning out my reader of all the blogs I don’t really enjoy can make everything feel better 🙂

Along the same lines, I have to say I’m feeling more creative than I have in weeks.  I don’t know how else to describe the feeling, except like a surge of creative electricity.  On that note, I canned 5 quarts of pickles today.  And 10 quarts earlier in the week.  I’m not sure how that relates but I’m thinking it’s more of an excuse as to why there’s no product of my new found creativity yet.  In any case, I’m so excited to change things up around here, hopefully with some new backdrops for my pictures this weekend if I can get a little bit of work done without 3 kiddos hanging off me and hopefully a little bit of shopping done tomorrow 🙂  Yay!

So moving on… I loved these ice cream sandwiches!  The ice cream on it’s own is good too (although not without the strawberries.  Some notes on that along with the recipe).  But all together, these are so delicious.  A vanilla bean coconut ice cream with strawberries stirred into it and sweetened with fruity and delicious honey sandwiched in between two chocolate  graham cracker type cookies.  Yum!

Just a note – I highly recommend using a cookie cutter for the cookies because you can use the same cookie cutter for the ice cream and have it fit almost perfectly inside the cookies.  Also, your cookies will all be the same size.  Obviously, I did not use a cookie cutter, I used a knife.  And I had plenty of rectangular cookies with 4 sides of all different lengths to show for it.  It worked.  It was delicious.  But it may not have been very pretty…

For another delicious strawberry dessert, try this quick and easy strawberry mousse!