100% Whole Wheat 5 Minute Naan

by Heidi @ Food Doodles on

I was quite excited to see how many people were interested in this naan bread!  I was going to hold off posting, but I thought I better share 😀  This naan may not exactly be authentic, as naan is a yeasted bread.  Maybe this is more like roti or chapati, I’m not entirely sure, but either way, it’s an incredibly fast bread to make that would be awesome dipped in hummus, served along some kind of curry or even used just like a tortilla.

We like these on the thinner side, but you could make them slightly thicker and nicer for dipping by not rolling them out quite as much.  Just don’t make them too thick or they wont cook in the center as these are cooked very fast.

These have a very slight tangy flavor from the yogurt which I love.  You could use a non-dairy yogurt for a vegan/dairy-free alternative or you could use water like the original recipe but you may need a little more whole wheat flour to absorb all the water.  That being said the dough is still tacky when it’s finished being kneaded.  It’s shouldn’t be too sticky that pieces rip off and stick to your fingers, but it should still be a soft dough.  Resist the urge to add too much flour.  Just sprinkle with flour frequently when rolling it to prevent it from sticking.  Be sure to dust any extra flour off before throwing it in the pan though because the loose flour will burn and wont smell too pleasant.


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1 Rashida February 21, 2016 at

Hey I made these today they were awesome.
Even though I’m british Indian myself and a pro at making chappatis these went well with my meat curry – makes a change from regular chappatis
Thank you xx


2 Stephanie October 23, 2015 at

I’ve made these a couple times since I found this recipe on Pinterest. They’re great! I love how quick and healthy they are. Our oven is currently broken, so I’m grateful for any bread recipe that doesn’t have to be baked!


3 Heidi @ Food Doodles October 24, 2015 at

I’m so glad! Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment 🙂


4 Rachel June 30, 2014 at

Do these freeze well?


5 Kate March 29, 2014 at

I’d never made naan, but we eat a lot of curries. My husband suggested having naan sometime in addition to our usual rice. Since I have two little ones and I’m pregnant, I’m pretty tired. Only a fast recipe it going to work for me right now. I am so happy I found this! The recipe was just the right size for our family, too. The boys shared one piece, and my husband and I each had one and a half. I had some garlic-olive oil leftover from a few days ago and brushed that on some of it. YUM! Thank you so much for this recipe. Also, I used freshly ground soft wheat (not hard) because that’s what I had on hand. Worked great!


6 Mimi April 23, 2013 at

I’ve never had good luck with naan. I’ll have to try your recipe! Thanks!


7 Heather June 8, 2012 at

Hi Heidi!

I made this the other night to go with a quick curry and Oh my word- so good and easy! I made a few adjustments: used spelt vs whole wheat, soy yogurt vs dairy and used coconut oil for the pan- I have made naan before and the method was to cover the naan for a minute or 2 to help cook/steam the naan which works really well – I loved your recipe, THANK YOU so much for sharing, this will become my go to Naan Recipe moving forward 🙂


8 Shannon - Healthiful Balance May 29, 2012 at

Perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!! 🙂


9 Jill May 18, 2012 at

I’ve never tried making naan bread before as the thought has always been quite daunting, but this recipe seems simple and also really quite healthy so I’m going to brave it and have a go!


10 Sonia! The Healthy Foodie May 17, 2012 at

SERIOUSLY??? OMG! I’m dying to try these like RIGHT THIS INSTANT!

Looks so easy and so delicious too. Plus, it’s got yogurt in it. Oh, I’m in love.

Another one for my must try list! 🙂


11 Gosia May 16, 2012 at

Bless your heart, Heidi, for this recipe. Can’t tell you how timely it is. Love the look of this flat bread. I’ll be testing it with the great chickpea curry. Hope you and the family are all great. Are you excited about the summer that’s approaching. Is your garden already the paradise that it always is in summer?


12 Eat Good 4 Life May 16, 2012 at

I have never made naan before but sure I love some Indian food to go with it. Now that you have this 5 minute version maybe I will venture and make it one day 🙂


13 Georgia @ The Comfort of Cooking May 16, 2012 at

Wow, I had no idea naan could be so easy! Love this recipe, Heidi!


14 Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen May 16, 2012 at

A 5 minutes flat bread?! Love that!


15 Heather May 15, 2012 at

YES I am so excited you posted this sooner rather than later – I will definitely be trying out a vegan version of your recipe 🙂


16 Annie @ Naturally Sweet Recipes May 15, 2012 at

I love naan! I’ve never made it, but this sounds easy enough! Thanks for sharing!


17 Gina @ Running to the Kitchen May 14, 2012 at

This is awesome! I’ve been wanting to try out a skillet/pan bread for awhile now. Naan sounds like a good place to start. And it sure looks authentic even if it’s really not 😉


18 Kathryn May 14, 2012 at

We love Indian food so I’m really excited to try this! It looks so easy but so delicious and I love that it uses yoghurt.


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