Instant Pot Hot Chocolate

by Erin @ Food Doodles on November 26, 2021

This Instant Pot Hot Chocolate is perfect for holidays and gatherings. It’s rich and chocolaty and stays warm in the Instant Pot until you’re ready to serve! Really, it’s super simple.

I love using the Instant Pot for warm big-batch drinks. There’s nothing to it!

There’s no need to hover over the stove when making hot chocolate in an Instant Pot. You only need to stir it occasionally and it’s warm and ready when your guests arrive.

If you like the hot chocolate theme and are looking for party favors, try these Vegan Hot Chocolate Bombs. They’re amazingly good and handy for favors. 

If you prefer white chocolate, you might try these Halloween Hot Chocolate Bombs. Just leave the eyes off and you’ve got magical white holiday hot chocolate bombs. 😉

If you’ve got a crowd of family and friends for the holidays, this hot chocolate recipe makes it easy to put smiles on faces.

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