Kitchiri with Roasted Broccoli

by Heidi @ Food Doodles on

This is one of my favorite meals.  I should say that this is what a lot of my meals look like.  I quite often cook up some kind of rice-and-beans type dish to keep in the fridge and reheat as needed for weekday lunches for the kids and myself and then I roast some veggies to go with it, and ta-da, a really fast, balanced meal.  Of course with a little one attached to me most of the day I find a few minutes whenever I can to chop the veggies, in this case broccoli, and store it in a container in the fridge until I need it then at lunch time it’s even easier.

In fact, every week I find at least an hour to just chop and store fruits and vegetables so that they’re ready to go in the fridge.  You would be amazed how much of a difference it makes when they’re ready to go and all you have to do is open a container.  And, with my kids I’ve found if raw vegetables are washed, peeled, chopped and ready to go in the fridge, they’ll even eat some of them raw, so it’s well worth the effort to do a lot of my veggie prep before-hand 🙂

So, the main star of this show is Kitchiri.  Rice and lentils make this a cheap meal to prepare, but it is so delicious!  You really have to trust me and try it.  It doesn’t look like much but it is so good!  I chose to garnish mine with cilantro, which I highly recommend, but if you don’t like cilantro it’s just as good with parsley or just without it.

Now that things are warming up, I’m not roasting vegetables as much, but it really is my favorite way to prepare veggies, especially ones that people don’t always enjoy eating steamed or otherwise prepared.  It’s really so simple and you can do it with most any vegetables, but just in case, I’ll put my method for roasting broccoli into a handy printable for you 🙂

Oh, and before I forget again, so many of you have been asking how things are with our new little one – thank you so much!  She’s not so new anymore – she’s a month old already!  Even though I knew what to expect this time around, I feel like this time while she’s so tiny is slipping away from me no matter how hard I try to hold onto it.  I’ve had quite a few women with older children say they don’t miss this stage at all, which I can understand, but I don’t feel that way at all and I really wish I could just hang onto it for a little while longer.  I’m afraid I’ll blink and she’ll be going into kindergarten like my oldest is in the fall 🙁

Despite that, things are going great and we’re really looking forward to the summer.  I am planning on a few non-food posts on how I keep my little one happy and my two older kids(2 and 4 years old) busy and entertained while I’m in the kitchen – let me know if you’d be interested in reading something like that!  And thank you again for all your kind comments, they mean so much to me!


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1 Jessica May 22, 2012 at

Wow, looks delicious yet simple 🙂


2 Joanne May 20, 2012 at

Chopping, especially when I’m in a rush, is my least favorite part of cooking! I really should just do all of the prep work on the weekends so that on the weekdays cooking goes that much quicker.

Kitchiri sounds so delicious! Definitely my kind of dish!


3 Heather May 19, 2012 at

I have seen variations of this dish on a few other blogs and am absolutely in love – I am definitely going to need to make another batch of this soon!

It would be very interesting to read how you juggle all the things you do with little ones – I can’t wait to read those upcoming posts!


4 Lindsay May 19, 2012 at

I would love posts on how you occupy your little ones while you cook. Mine is 1 1/2 and every time I stand near the oven she demands my attention!


5 mellissa @ ibreatheimhungry May 19, 2012 at

Heidi this looks delicious as always! And I would LOVE to hear how you manage to get so much blogging done with so many little ones – please do share your secrets! I’m in awe of you – I have one four year old and keeping him entertained while I’m busy in the kitchen (and not feeling horribly guilty about it) is one of the hardest things about blogging for me. Can’t wait to hear more!


6 Carol May 19, 2012 at

YUMMY! I love eating veggies! Especially I’m on diet right now. thanks for this wonderful post.


7 chinmayie @ love food eat May 19, 2012 at

Comfort food!


8 Kathryn May 19, 2012 at

Such a good idea to prep the vegetable in advance and keep it in the fridge until needed, makes it so much easier to just grab them! And I’d definitely be interested on some non-food posts as well, I can’t believe you manage to find time to eat with three little ones around so it would be great to hear how you manage it!


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