Lime Cilantro Cubes and Saving Fresh Herbs

by Heidi @ Food Doodles on

Just a very quick Monday post from me today!  Even though today is a stat here in Canada it still feels like regular Monday for me – running around and trying to get more things done than possible!  I’m behind, but determined to catch up at least a little bit while the baby sleeps.  Bring on the one handed typing! 😀

So I thought I’d post more of an idea than a recipe today.  I know I’ve been posting a lot of recipes using cilantro lately, but usually I use a little bit and then have no idea what to do with the rest so I’ve been using these two methods to make the most of my fresh herbs because I’m awful at letting them go to waste(please tell me I’m not the only one!).

Even if you don’t like cilantro I use this method for saving all kinds of herbs(especially my favorite – fresh basil!).  Of course, ones like basil or oregano probably wouldn’t work so well with lime juice but water works just as well to seal in the delicious fresh herb flavor and in soups and a lot of other dishes the extra water doesn’t make a difference.  I quite often use lime and cilantro together, in fresh salsas, this red lentil soup and plenty of other dishes, but you could freeze it in water in case you need cilantro without the lime.


I want to hear from you!  What other tips do you have for saving or making the most of fresh herbs?

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1 Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen May 25, 2012 at

This is a great tip and a good way to ensure that fresh herbs will always be on hand when you need them.


2 Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} May 24, 2012 at

Little cubes of flavor! How awesome. Great idea!


3 The Café Sucré Farine May 23, 2012 at

Great idea! I love to keep bunches of washed fresh herbs on my kitchen window sill in pretty little glasses. That way when I need them, they’re all washed and easy to get to. Sometimes I’m a little lazy about going outside and snipping them!


4 em May 22, 2012 at

Love this idea! I have to admit I haven’t tried to save fresh herbs before, but I’m really encouraged to try after reading your post. Love the combo of lime + cilantro!


5 Heather May 22, 2012 at

I am SO terrible at letting fresh herbs to to waste, then I feel so guilty. I LOVE this method of saving herbs, what a great idea….now I need to buy a ice cub tray just for this 🙂

Thanks for sharing Heidi!


6 Kathryn May 22, 2012 at

So useful, I always end up having loads of herbs around that I never get round to using. Thank you!


7 Gina @ Running to the Kitchen May 21, 2012 at

The cube idea is awesome! Love that for cilantro b/c I tend to buy that for one specific use and then the rest goes bad before I figure out what to do with it. Granted, now I have some growing in a pot on my front steps but this will be great for the winter time when I buy it again 🙂


8 Marie-Claude May 21, 2012 at

Great Idea! I love it!


9 Jac @ sketchfreevegan May 21, 2012 at

this is such a great idea, lime and cilantro go so well together! I can imagine myself using those cubes in so many different meals!


10 Eat Good 4 Life May 21, 2012 at

Wow, I have never seen this before. I have seen them in supermarkets but never cared to get them though. I normally try to use fresh herbs although since Thai basil is hard to get here and there is only one Chinese supermarket that carries it I tend to buy a bit more of it and freeze it on zip log bags with paper towels surrounding it. It works but it is not the same as using fresh. Great idea, now I know for future reference what to do with extra herbs:-)


11 Jen@thefithousewife May 21, 2012 at

Great idea! I hate when my herbs go bad so quickly. I love the idea of lime and cilantro together…great combination!


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