Quick and Easy DIY Heart Cookie Cutter

by Heidi @ Food Doodles on February 14, 2014


Hello everyone!  I just wanted to share this little trick with you.  I had a friend post this idea on Facebook and I thought it was such a smart idea I just had to try it out and share!  I don’t have a recipe for you today, just this very simple DIY heart cookie cutter.  It’s easily made out of an empty can and I have to say, it works really well!

If you’re in need of a heart shaped cookie cutter today or any day of the year give this a try!  And it’s such an easy to make project I’ll hope you’ll save the idea for later on Pinterest or share the idea with your friends on Facebook or Twitter :)  It seems like all my heart shaped cookie cutters either get lost or crushed so I wish I would have had this idea years ago!


  •  To start simply cut into an empty pop can about 2-2.5″ from the bottom being careful not to crush the can too much.  I’m not sure if a thicker can would work, but you can give it a try, although it may be too hard to bend.
  • Once cut in half trim the edge so there are no sharp pieces sticking out(I find cutting counter clockwise works better, at least with right handed scissors).
  • Once the edge is all smooth and as flat as possible, pinch one side of the can so that a point forms on the outside.  On the other side of the can pinch the can on the inside so that a point forms on the inside.

And done!

I used a butter knife to help me make the creases.  I find that the shape is best when the crease is about an inch long so make sure you don’t cut your can too short!  I also find the hearts are the cutest when the hearts aren’t “perfect” and the creases aren’t perfectly on either side of the can, but you can experiment and see what you like best.  I really cannot wait to try making these out of those little cans that are about half the size in diameter for little mini hearts, how cute will they be?

I used this homemade chocolate fig larabar dough(please excuse the old pictures, this is one of the oldest recipes on my blog!) for a healthy heart shaped treat!  This cookie cutter is sturdy enough to handle larabar dough, so it will handle any sugar cookie dough or pie crust if you want.  I have a whole section devoted to my homemade larabars on my new Visual Recipe Index that I’m so so so proud of.  I did my recipe index all by myself and I haven’t had a chance to talk about it much except a little mention on Facebook.  Please go take a look, it’s so much easier to browse through all the recipes on Food Doodles now, I’m so happy with it :)

I also love that this cookie cutter safe for little hands and fingers to use once the cookie cutter is made, just please watch that your little ones aren’t running their fingers along the edge as it’s possible they could get cut from it.  But other than that, the bottom of the can makes the perfect thing for little hands to press down on and the can is flexible enough to easily remove the dough from it once it’s been cut.  Hope this idea helps you out!  Happy Valentines Day!


**Oh and I just remembered!  I must have a thing for making my own cookie cutters, because here one I made for homemade goldfish crackers!



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