Chai Spiced Apple Butter Crumble Bars(Vegan)

Thumbnail image for Chai Spiced Apple Butter Crumble Bars(Vegan) November 7, 2012

I hope you’re looking forward to these wonderful bars!  I mentioned them in my pumpkin hot chocolate post because they were in the background.  Although I changed the recipe a little bit before sharing it with you, so they look a little different.  I wanted them a little more oaty, not to mention I wanted […]

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Pumpkin Hot Chocolate(Vegan)

Thumbnail image for Pumpkin Hot Chocolate(Vegan) October 30, 2012

Today is a rainy, cold, miserable day here.  Although I’m sure it is far more miserable elsewhere in the world and I’m keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.  I did think that some hot chocolate would be a nice thing to share today.  I think we could all use a mug of […]

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Kitchiri with Roasted Broccoli

Thumbnail image for Kitchiri with Roasted Broccoli May 18, 2012

This is one of my favorite meals.  I should say that this is what a lot of my meals look like.  I quite often cook up some kind of rice-and-beans type dish to keep in the fridge and reheat as needed for weekday lunches for the kids and myself and then I roast some veggies […]

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Our Green Smoothie Formula

Thumbnail image for Our Green Smoothie Formula May 4, 2012

I’m not afraid to admit that a lot of my meals for the last week and a half have been liquid – in the form of green smoothies!  As much as I didn’t want to post another smoothie recipe, I think I’ll probably be posting some more in the near future.  But I have realized […]

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Sesame Noodles

Thumbnail image for Sesame Noodles April 11, 2012

Feel free to shun me after I admit this, but I don’t like peanut noodles.  I see them all over and I see everyone freaking out over them.  I’ve even tried a couple different recipes because they look so good but I never liked them.  Weird, right? I’m a huge fan of peanut butter and […]

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Raw Trail Mix Energy Cookies

Thumbnail image for Raw Trail Mix Energy Cookies April 2, 2012

Not that everyone couldn’t use a little more energy most days (besides my kids, of course!), I have to say I really needed these this last week.  With less than a week till my due date, I think I need to make another batch! I honestly haven’t been purposely avoiding the blog and I apologize […]

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Baked Rosemary Onion Rings

Thumbnail image for Baked Rosemary Onion Rings March 22, 2012

How have I never made onions rings at home before?  I actually made these for the first time about a month ago and since then I’ve made them a few more times.  Needless to say, they’re awesome.  As much as I love onion rings, I couldn’t bring myself to buy deep fried, over salted onion […]

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